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Coleman Tent

The Coleman Company was started by a young man called William Coffin in Kansas, U.S.A. early in the last century. William a typewrite salesman, had very poor eyesight and when out one evening saw a lamp powered by gasoline rather than kerosene which gave off a bright light.

He obtained the franchise to sell these lamps and, as they became more popular, he expanded his range of outdoor products to cookers.

After WWII, and with people becoming more affluent and having more leisure time, the business prospered. Eventually Coleman introduced tents into their range of camping and outdoor products.

Coleman have always had a reputation for innovation and quality, and today their tents range from backpacking tents, weekend tents, family tents and shelters for events, all packed with the latest innovation in tent technology.

Coleman tents know that performance is everything, and they are tested exhaustively for wind, rain, and long term weather testing. The Coleman Weather Tec + System ensures that Coleman tents are waterproof, leak free, that the seams are protected, the zippers have increased guards and inverted zippers, and the frames are engineered to withstand stormy conditions. The poles whether of fibre glass, steel or aluminium, on the more technical tents, are designed to the highest standards.

The Coleman Easy set up system ensures that Coleman tents are easy and quick to pitch at every stage. There are features to make it easy to pitch the Coleman tents such as pre-attached bedrooms colour coded poles. And, of course, the tents are fire retardant, so that if a naked flame is applied to the fabric it won’t flare up, and will self extinguish, giving you peace of mind for you and your family.

Many Coleman tents and sun shelters have UV guard affording extra protection against damaging ultra violet rays, preventing sunburn and UV overexposure.

Coleman tents are all tested for the hydrostatic head which is a measure of the amount of water in millimeters that the tent fabric can tolerate before letting any water through the fabric. All Coleman tents are tested to a high standard for their HH.

All Coleman tents have taped seams, which can be a source of water penetration by way of the needle holes if not done. All Coleman tents have been carefully engineered for maximum stability in windy conditions, by means of sturdy poles and multiple guy lines. The mesh pole sleeves allow wind to pass through making for increased aerodynamic efficiency and reducing wind noise.

Coleman tents come in various sizes, from small one and two man tents, more technical backpacking tents, up to 8 man family tents. Also they now produce a range of beach shelters and event shelters. All are produced from quality materials, tested to the highest standards and come with the Coleman warranty., backed by the high reputation that Coleman Camping have built up over many years.